Sindhuli Integrated Development Services/ Nepal

Success story of muna magar

"Student's happiness due to easy Toilet excess"

Muna Magar aged 8 studying in Barabise Thuldhunga Basic School. It was located in Phikkal Rural Municipality 5, Solpa Thuldhunga Sindhuli. She was Register Children (RC) too. Her RC ID is 5377.
Now she is happy to studying in her school. At
beginning of her school day her parents teaching her regarding the personal hygiene and sanitation of
room, home and school environment as well.
Currently she gets the good wash facility, toilet and water facilities in her toilet which she dreamed since her school days.
Before three years ago, her school hadn’t good
toilet facilities with proper water and wash facilities
however they have the dream of such toilet with

well  facilities for their school ongoing students of barabise thuldhunga school. They tried to collaborate with government and non- government agencies for provide this facilities though they weren’t success to build it. Thus all students were compelled to use worm and unless toilet including Muna. Result  students were demotivated to come school regularly.

In FY 18 SIDS, Nepal has built  one girls boys separate roomed toilet with wash facilities with the collaboration of World Vision international Nepal through Education Technical Project at her school after this intervention the face of school has changed and all students got good toilet with proper wash Facility. Similarly project has taught the sanitation skills for students through several sanitation related activities like sanitation of school yard hand washing day celebration etcetera. it change the sanitation attitudes of Muna and her friends. Recently they are using to hand washing by six steps after using toilet at their school. They keep their school neat and clean. All students are regular in their class room.

Muna joyfully said that ” I like my school toilet; me and my friends are washing our hands after using toilets, similarly I am studying in Reading camps on every Saturday by playing and singing with my friends, I am very happy in my reading camp”. From this facility around 65 students are benefitting. Among them 30 were RC children.

Nowadays school organize school sanitation program as a co-curricular activities at school periodically to keep their school neat and clean for equal education.