Sindhuli Integrated Development Services/ Nepal


  • Organize awareness raising training, workshops on sustainable development for senior
    officials, planners, policymakers, administrators, politicians, industrialists and NGOs.
  • Organize capacity building programmes at various levels to enhance the integration of
    environmental, social and economic dimensions in planning and programme
    implementation for the local level leaders, CBO members and community activists.
  • Provide input on community development, people’s participation, human rights,
    peace, governance, gender and disadvantaged groups, etc.
  • Facilitate institutional strengthening of local communities.
  • Work on networking and resource mobilization for the sustainability of different social organizations
  • Maintain the highest possible professional standards in all the works it carries out.
  • Transfer specialized knowledge and experience to those who are involved in the country’s development.
  • Organize on-the-job training and action research for replication in new areas.