Sindhuli Integrated Development Services/ Nepal

Programme Focus

Training and Workshops

  • Development of training programmes and modules
  • Training for human resource development for both staff and user group members
  •  Policy formulation and guideline preparation
  • Training need assessment
  • Training/workshops/seminars on current issues of development
  • Plan, design and implement community based participatory training programme
  • Professional input in conducting inter-agency workshops
  • Training for capacity building of local institutions
  • Awareness package and programme for poverty alleviation
  • Training for operation and maintenance of rural infrastructures and institutional development
  • Training on income generation activities
  • Training on human rights, conflict management, communication, leadership development


Social and Rural Development

  • Social development
  • Integrated rural development
  • Natural resources management
  • Community organization, extension, training and development
  • Support in capacity building and institutional strengthening of local institutions
  • Formulation of policy and guidelines
  • Community awareness and social mobilization
  • Organizational development and management
  • Human resource development
  • Promotion of indigenous knowledge and skills
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Gender and development
  • Project designing and planning
  • Local-level planning for rural development projects
  • Community development through people’s participation
  • Good governance
  • Human rights
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Preparation of awareness-raising packages
  • Baseline survey and feasibility study
  • Gender analysis and participation in the programme
  • Designing of participatory approach in different community development programmes
  • Designing appropriate modality for promotion of rural livelihood of the poor and dalits


Agriculture Development

  • Agriculture survey and baseline
  • Agriculture development and planning
  • Agriculture production and marketing
  • Agriculture research and extension
  • Agriculture and livestock development
  • Community Forestry Management
  • Inventory of forest resources
  • Community forestry planning and management
  • Promotion of agro-forestry
  • Participatory watershed management
  • Formulation of the guidelines and procedures for community forestry
  • Social inclusion in Community Forestry User Groups


Water Supply and Irrigation

  • Environmental and socio-cultural issues of water supply and irrigation
  • Networking and planning of water supply and irrigation systems
  • Socio-economic impact of rural water supply and irrigation
  • Appraisal, needs identification, planning, formation of water user groups (WUGs)
  • Capacity building and institutional development of WUGs
  • Training in O&M and sustainable management of water supply and irrigation systems




  • Impact study of micro-enterprises
  • Income generation programme
  • Savings and credit programmes


Peace Building

  • Peace Building
  • Programme for Post Conflict Situation
  • Conflict Transformation Programme
  • Programme for IDPs


Natural Resource Management

  • Studies on land, water, forest and other natural resources management issues
  • Survey of land use, topographic and resources
  • Bio-engineering impact assessment
  • Assessment of participatory planning tools and methodologies
  • Land resources appraisal
  • Land use and land classification survey


Healthcare system and public health

  • Need assessment of the healthcare delivery system
  • Healthcare policy, programme planning and implementation
  • Healthcare management
  • Project preparation (feasibility studies, demand evaluation, economic evaluation)
  • Operational research on various health issues
  • Safe motherhood
  • Policy, programme planning and monitoring for primary healthcare and healthcare
    delivery system
  • Development and implementation of projects related to sexual and reproductive health,
    family planning and maternal and child health, including STD and HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Studies on the impact of environmental health and sanitation