Sindhuli Integrated Development Services/ Nepal

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Sindhuli Integrated Development Services/ Nepal


Sindhuli Integrated Development Services Nepal (SIDS/Nepal) is a national, non-profitmaking, non- political and secular organization. It was registered in 1994 with District Administration Office, Sindhuli under Organization Registration Act 2034 B.S. SIDS/Nepal is continuously being supported by different national, international donors and I/NGOs as well as government of Nepal.


A dignified society where poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, social discrimination and social conflicts are not existed.


SIDS/Nepal visualized dignified society is achieved through empowerment and life improvement of Dalit (so-called lower cast), Women, Children, persons with disability, poor Janajatis, marginalized as well as disappearing groups through Social mobilization, awareness, capacity building, livelihood improvement, education and health related intervention.


To ensure the empowerment & life improvement of Dalits, ethnic and pro poor groups particularly women and children in the main stream of development by enabling them to fulfill their basic needs in their own efforts, initiation & participation


SIDS/Nepal has following objectives for achieving above vision, mission and goals:

  • To improve the quality of life of marginalized people through better income and employment opportunity focusing on skills and entrepreneurship development.
  •  To enhance livelihood of rural youth, women and marginalized target groups to access market and finance improvement.
  •  To empower women through awareness and social mobilization activities especially; savings and credit, health and sanitation, income     generation activities, skills oriented training/workshops and exposures.
  •  To boost effective participation of access to services and advocacy for justice among the people affected by gender and caste based discrimination, social and development needs.
  • To encourage in production of organic produce and/or balance pesticides at local level reducing the use of chemical fertilizer/pesticides in agriculture so that its adverse effects on environment, health is minimized.
  •  To develop linkage/co-ordination with national/international networks, non- government/bi- lateral organizations and government agencies for   achievement of its goals.